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Charline & Adeila

Adeila spent 10 years at L'Oréal imagining, creating and developing new stories around the group's brands. After these years rich in projects and beautiful encounters, she decided to leave everything behind and move, with her little family, to Portugal. A whim followed by a real love at first sight with the desire to make a place for herself under the Lisbon sun.

Two months after her arrival, she launched a pizzeria in Marseille with her husband Numa, Mabiche Pizza. At the same time, she pursues communication missions as a press and digital consultant.

Charline has a passion for reading, writing and communication. She worked for 12 years at the SNCF on internal/external communication missions related to change management. Human relations are her driving force.

Following an irrepressible desire to travel, change and meet new people, she left with her family to Lisbon in August 2018. They then realized their project of holiday homes in the heart of the wild nature of the Alentejo: Alma da Comporta. This project is an inexhaustible source of encounters with globetrotters from all over the world and passionate Portuguese craftsmen.

The Project

Sul Club is the meeting, in Lisbon, of two "meninas" who dream of promoting local craftsmanship by offering beautiful products with a resolutely modern design.

It all started when they met manufacturers all over Portugal. People who have an extraordinary traditional know-how and who are keen to develop local employment while minimizing the impact of their production on their environment.

Sul Club is the result of these human encounters, of long journeys on the ceramic road and of discussions until the end of the night.

Manufacturing Secrets

Ceramists concerned about their environmental impact

We set out on the road of ceramics with the desire to find beautiful natural products, resulting from traditional know-how, with a resolutely modern design.

By meeting different factories all over Portugal, we have refined our ideas and selected the ceramists we work with.

The ceramics we sell are all made of clay. This natural raw material is extracted directly from the Portuguese soil, close to the factories. Our articles are made from inert and non-polluting raw materials, which have an extremely long life cycle. They come from the Earth and return to the Earth, with very little treatment, so that their impact on the environment is minimal compared to other materials.

Because our ceramists produce responsibly, every last bit of clay is conserved and reused. For a zero waste production.

The manufacturing process

First of all, round plates are cut out of pieces of clay. They are then shaped by machine, then by hand. This creates the organic shapes.

These pieces are then left outside in the sun to dry. The heat of the sun removes the moisture from the raw material. This prevents cracks from forming in the ceramics during the firing process.

In the next step, the pieces are fired in a kiln at 1,200 degrees for eight hours. Once the wares have cooled down, they are glazed by hand, one by one, and sent back to the kiln.

During the second firing, the glazes, known as reactive, develop differently on each piece. These patterns and unique colour gradations give each piece a unique appearance.
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